“The music is attractive and there is a clever wit and many interesting patterns in the lyrics.”                                   


Theatre Reviews Limited:

Reviewer: Joseph Verlezza

“A new classic romantic comedy with  a score where you actually might find yourself leaving the theater humming a tune. Strong belting solos, dynamic duets, harmonizing trios, exuberant ensembles and the good old chorus of singers and dancers that   are absolutely perfect, fully immersed in their characters, with great comic flair, solid vocals and just the right amount of emotional depth to make an audience fall in love with them.



Reviewer: Jose Solis

“A delightful throwback to classic “let’s put on a show” musicals like Kiss Me Kate and Summer Stock, this is a piece that was obviously created by people who are deeply in love with the form.”

“Kudos to the writers for filling their book with unexpected twists as we see romantic pairings go outside the box, and featured players are all given the opportunity to be “real” characters instead of filler. “

“Filled with vibrant dance numbers, a lush, beautiful score … A long life should be in store for such a delightfully brainy show.”



Reviewers: Deirdre Donovan and Charles Wright

“This is a traditional-style musical with a clear-cut story line and songs that are reminiscent of Broadway tunes from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. But don't shrug it off too quickly as old-fashioned…What's more, many of its songs are hummable. And you might even leave the theater humming a snatch of one.”

“This show is a promising one.”



Reviewer: Courtney Marie

“The three theater critics  ) made to represent the iconic judges in the Broadway world from top publications, were quite the bunch. Their portrayal definitely brought life and a human face to those names readers see in print. Their bold personalities blended well together as two were more stoic and logical and the third was comical and eccentric – making for many laughs and satirical moments.”

“Featuring catchy tunes such as “Breakthrough” and “Talk to Tony” as well as inspiring ballads such as “The Life I Was Meant to Live,” What Do Critics Know? went beyond the criticism and pressure of the industry to uncover dreams that were once put to rest. The music and lyrics by James Campodonico and bookwriter Gurren were uplifting, powerful  and really brought the heart of the production home.”

“The idea behind What Do Critics Know? was an interesting one and definitely makes an individual think twice before criticizing something or someone. It also brings the question of “what makes an expert?”  to light as someone may think he or she can do a better job than a performer or athlete, but in reality has no idea what it takes. A desire to understand and appreciate the process and the endless hard work before you make a comment is highlighted, which most people don’t even consider. “

“The concept was fresh, fun and most of all – eye-opening. “



No reviewer listed

“If you go to a musical for jazzy showtunes, Broadway-style dance numbers, and classic-style musical theatre, you’re going to have a lovely old time.”

“Fans of classic showtunes are in for a treat…A good time with big old fashioned musical numbers.”



Reviewer: Michael Block

“To match the fun, colorful classic style, the score by Gurren and James Campodonico rivals those of the Golden Age. Gurren and Campodonico give us tender ballads, show stopping production numbers, and tunes that will get stuck in your head.”

“Set during Broadway’s Golden Age, What Do Critics Know? is like the offspring of The Producers and Curtains. The plot is cute. The script is filled with loving nods to theater and the famous people who make it.  

“What Do Critics Know? brings the nostalgia factor. It reminds us all why we love musical theater.”



Reviewer: Zachary Stewart

“This backstager is reminiscent of The Producers, The Band Wagon, and Bullets Over Broadway.”

“Its period setting and Golden Age razzle-dazzle may lead What Do Critics Know? to become a favorite.”