In a strange turn of fate, the three most powerful theater critics, who have taken countless shows off the stage, must now put one on. With time running short, they enlist the help of a struggling Broadway writer, Nathan Wood, who has had a string of critically-panned flops and needs a comeback. Can the critics pull through despite their overly critical natures? Can cooperation, harmony, and perhaps even love exist between an artist and a critic? Find out if poetic justice will be served cold or in a warm review in WHAT DO CRITICS KNOW?


  • Nathan Wood, a struggling writer
  • Irma Duvere, Critic for The Herald Tribune
  • Chester Cotillion, Critic for The New York Times
  • Dahlia Parks, Aspiring actress, Lina’s understudy
  • Brad Koffsky, Critic for The New York Post
  • Lina Bianchi, A diva
  • Shakespeare, Delusional English writer and performer
  • Bach, German composer and performer
  • Tony, Nathan’s connected friend.
  • An ensemble of two men and two women to play various other roles